Codetech has Design Capabilities with a team of qualified & experienced Design Engineers with hands on experience on International codes such as ASME Sec VIII Div.1 /2,PD 5500, EN 13445, TEMA,API-650/653, EN 14015, EEMUA STD, BS EN 12285 PART1/2, UL-142/58, ASME B 31.1/31.3/31.8,IS 2825besides having vast experience on the use of the most stringent customer specifications like SHELL, PDO, ENI (Saipem), SABIC, ADMA, PETROFAC, ONGC,EIL etc.meeting all the process conditions & fabrication standards for process equipmentcomplying U, U2,CE (PED), NB requirements.

We also undertake FEA analysis on Ansys software for nozzles, partition plates or any special part as required by our valuable clients.

We are also capable providing thermal calculation for heat exchanger design on HTRI software

Engineering Capabilities

1. Design of StaticEquipment using ( PV Elite Software and In house Developed spread sheets for those items which cannot be designed though Software )

  • 1. Pressure Vessels: Reactor, Separator, Desalter /Dehydrator, Scrubber, Filters, Surge Drums and other process equipment.
  • 2. Heat Exchangers: Fixed Tube, Floating heads, U tubes, Kettle Reboileretc.(UHX or TEMA type)
  • 3. Tall Vessels: Stripping column,Distillation Columns etc.
  • 4. Pig Launchers / Receivers

2. Structural Design & Analysisusing STAAD PRO

  • 1. Skids Frames
  • 2. Rectangular tanks
  • 3. Fixed Storage Tanks Roof Structure / Trusses
  • 4. Pipe racks and Supports
  • 5. Lifting frames / Spreader Beam / lifting Cranes beams etc.
  • 6. Silos
  • 7. Industrial Shed.
  • 8. Cross over Bridge
  • 9. Auxiliary Structure
  • 10. Building Steel Structure

3. Piping Design and Analysis using CADWORX, AUTOCAD and CAESAR-II

  • 1. 3D modeling of Frontal and interconnecting piping
  • 2. 3D modeling of Skid based Piping
  • 3. Piping GA drawing
  • 4. ISO metric drawing with Complete BOM
  • 5. Fabrication drawing for the piping spools
  • 6. Preparation of all types of Valve data sheet and valve list
  • 7. Piping stress analysis
  • 8. Design of support for piping.
  • 9. Pig traps

4. Storage Tanks Design and Analysis for the following types of tanks using in house generated Spread sheets

  • 1. Fixed Cone roof with Supporting Structures
  • 2. Fixed Dome Roof
  • 3. External Floating Roof
  • 4. Underground horizontal single /Double wall Storage tanks ( UGST )
  • 5. Above ground horizontal single /Double wall Storage tanks ( AGST )
  • 6. Vertical tanks with Flat top and bottom supported on leg
  • 7. Spherical storage tanks on leg support
  • 8. Rectangular Storage tanks of any size